Our Next Product

Ablota Rewards enables payment for decentralised services through non-monetary reward channels.

Nothing is free these days which is why we offer an alternative to monetary purchases where you don't pay with your data either.

Coming Soon

Q4 2024

Our Values and Promises

What do we stand for?

Our products are built on a strong foundation of values and promises which we uphold throughout and always stand by.


Products respect and protect everyone's privacy. A minimum of data should be processed and no unnecessary third-party providers should be involved.


Products meet the highest quality standards. It should always be carefully planned, properly developed and fully tested. As a Swiss company, even more so.

Open Source

Products must be open source and accessible to everyone. The most suitable licence should always be chosen and the code made available on several public platforms.


Products serve all parties. A balanced equality between all customer groups and ourselves should always be ensured to maintain fairness between all.


Products must be understandable for everyone. Open Source is an important part but the processes and the business model behind it should be transparent as well.


Products deal with their ethics and act morally. Extensive thought should be given in advance to the outcome, the impact evaluated and its tenability decided.

Interested or having questions?

Contact us without obligation and learn more about our products and services. You will receive a detailed answer from us within 24 hours. We look forward to hearing from you.